What we do


Pay is one of the most important factors in our working life. It’s a very sensitive subject – the way it is handled can have a big impact on morale and productivity.

As an employer it is very important to ‘get it right’ in order to avoid an unhappy workforce. Parkhurst Hill pride ourselves on our very high standards which includes running our Payroll Bureaux for a number of our clients as well as assisting our clients who operate their own payroll department.

Our payroll department is run independently of our accounts department which allows us to have a dedicated team of experienced payroll operators.

Our aim at Parkhurst Hill is to allow our clients to run their business alleviating the pressures of having to process the payroll.

We are able help you through the maze of ‘Auto-enrolment’ regulations in order to ensure you are compliant with The Pension Regulator.

All of our payroll staff are highly trained and regularly attend courses to ensure they are at the top of their game. We are able to ensure our clients can take advantage of the less publicised HMRC allowances.

Why not pick up the phone or send an email to our dedicated email account Payroll@PHThomaswestcott.co.uk and see how we can free up your precious time so that you can devote your time to running your business in the safe knowledge that we are looking after your much valued employees.



Changing accountants is never easy but with Keith it was so simple. Applying for limited status and working on the most effective tax systems is second nature to this man, something my last accountant never touched upon. I have reccommended this man to several of my friends and they are now benefitting from his expertise.

David FitzGerald